Pro Bono Law Fair: University of Edinburgh Law School FLAC Committee

Pro Bono Week takes place this year from the 7th – 11th of November. There will be events happening throughout this week, but to finish of the week the FLAC Committee will be hosting a Law Fair on Tuesday 8th November in the Moot Court room, Old College. 


The Fair will be an opportunity to recognise, learn about and discuss the voluntary contribution of the legal profession in giving free legal help to those in need, as well as a great networking opportunity. With keynote speakers, input from societies, committees and practitioners, it’s a date to save in your calendars! 

For more information, contact Rebecca Samaras, Director of Clinical Legal Education and Pro Bono – 

In person only.

Changemakers: Windrush Together – Justice for Windrush – University of Leicester

The event is free to attend and all are welcome – we would particularly encourage those from outside the University to join us!


We want to hear from you! Come and join us to discuss the Windrush Scandal, its effects, and how we can proactively work within our communities to fight for justice.

Special guest speakers

As well as hearing from members of the local community, we will be exploring the Windrush Scandal in the broader contexts of culture, activism, and community.

With that in mind, we have invited a number of exciting speakers to share their experiences and expertise with us. These will be announced shortly, so watch this space!


Date: 3rd November 2021

Time: 4pm-5:30pm

Location: Online via Microsoft Teams (joining links provided after registration on Eventbrite)


If you have any queries about the event, please feel free to contact us via email, or on any of our social media platforms:

We hope you can join us

Register at the Eventbrite link below.

The Inns of Court College of Advocacy (ICCA) event – [internal]

This session is only open to ICCA students.

Marianne Alton from Lincoln House Chambers will be joining us to discuss her pro bono experience and how to get involved. Marianne is a trustee of a legal charity Evolve – FILA that provides pro bono assistance in Uganda to improve access to justice, build capacity within the legal profession and promote fairness, integrity and efficiency within the Ugandan criminal justice system. In November 2018, Marianne was selected as Young Pro Bono Barrister of the Year at the Bar Council’s Annual and Young Bar Conference in recognition of her pro bono work in Uganda.

How can law clinics adapt to tackle climate change? – The universities of King’s College London, Strathclyde and York in association with the Clinical Legal Education Organisation

This event, hosted by the universities of King’s College London, Strathclyde and York in association with the Clinical Legal Education Organisation, draws its inspiration from the “adaptation” theme of COP26.

A panel of students and other expert contributors will translate this theme into the student law clinic context, with a view to framing activities for the 2021 Student Law Clinic Global Day of Action for Climate Justice (which takes place on 17 November 2021). The panel will reflect on COP26 and afford an opportunity for student law clinics to consider the contrast between the global conversation and local actions. A keynote address will be provided by Alex Goodman, a barrister with Landmark Chambers.

This free, online event will feature contributions from students and academics at the three host law clinics, but we also invite contributions from other law clinics who are able to showcase good practice or recent successes in case work or campaigning in relation to the “adaptation” theme. Those interested in contributing should set out how their activities have been directed to avert, minimise or address the loss and damage that is already occurring from climate change, and send details of that to before 09.00 [UK time] on Monday 18 October 2021. Please note that it may not be possible to feature all correspondents in the event on Tuesday 3 November, but we will endeavour to ensure a broad representation of both clinics and ideas.

Event details will be circulated to those who register the day before the event.

You can follow the Clinical Legal Education Organisation on Twitter at @ClinicalLegal.  There will be Global Day of Action student takeover of CLEO’s Twitter feed prior to the event. Any questions about CLEO’s involvement with this event can be directed to

Further information about the Global Day of Action can be found on Facebook or Instagram

Pro Bono Fair – University of Edinburgh – [internal]

Kick-off Pro Bono week by joining The University of Edinburgh School of Law, Pro Bono and Clinical Legal Education Department and the Pro Bono Society in this year’s online Pro Bono Fair!

The event will be online, with different charities and other organisations offering pro bono and access to justice services throughout Scotland and the global community. The charities and organisations will showcase their work and, if available, highlight any volunteering opportunities for students. There will also be an “online café” for more informal socialising and networking!

“Using the Law for Public Benefit” with John Whitmore – University of Leicester Pro Bono Society – [internal]

This session is only open to members of the University of Leicester Pro Bono Society 

In the 1980s, John was Legal Director of the Commission for Racial Equality (a predecessor body to the Equality and Human Rights Commission) and afterwards as a barrister, he fought racial discrimination cases all over the country for years. He will talk about successful cases he acted in, for example trainee solicitors against law firms and legal academics against his University where a record award for injury to feelings was made when the tribunal wing members outvoted the legal chair! 

Back then such cases got enormous publicity in the press and when he won the first case for an Irish man subjected to harassment, The Daily Mail was so incensed at this it ran a failed campaign to abolish what were then called industrial tribunals. 

John has also hosted a talk in Maragret Thatcher’s Office. He was a Professor of Law in the 1970, at University of Leicester and sowed seeds of what is now our Pro Bono Society. An absolutely incredible individual, this is not one to miss!

In Conversation with UOL’s Pro Bono Society “Litigants In Person Project” Founders – University of Leicester Pro Bono Society – [internal]

This session is only open to members of the University of Leicester Pro Bono Society 

You will get a chance to hear from Danae Larham and Nigel Smith, who set up the Litigants in Person Project in 2017. Leaving a legacy behind they have both gone onto fantastic careers, Danae as a Family Barrister and Nigel as Bid Writer. They will both give you insight into how their Pro Bono experiences led them there. 

Earth to Leicester: Climate Crisis Guest Speaker Networking Event – University of Leicester Pro Bono Society – [internal]

This session is only open to members of the University of Leicester Pro Bono Society 

This networking event has been organized by the team on the Climate Crisis Pro Bono Project to provide students with an insight into our work and the ongoing issue of the climate crisis. This event is a great opportunity for networking alongside some amazing guest speakers, including Laura Bee, Stephen Riley and Laura Albertini. The speakers will touch on a range of topics from Climate Change and politics to environmental awareness. There will also be drinks and snacks available to attendees throughout the networking session and Q&A session.