Planning an event in 2023?

Thank you for getting involved in Pro Bono Week by planning an event! We are really looking forward to hearing from organisations in the legal profession, charities and law schools, which are planning events, whether they’re invitation only or open to everyone to attend.

This year’s three themes are:

  • Changing lives through pro bono: How and why lawyers and law students across the UK transform lives through pro bono, including celebrating inspiring examples of pro bono and exploring the business case for legal volunteering.
  • Maximising the impact of pro bono: An opportunity to think about how to measure pro bono and to maximise its impact through, for example, collaborative projects responding to crises; focussing early advice on debt or housing; partnerships with the healthcare sector; incorporating evaluation into projects.
  • Pro bono within ESG: from climate to sustainable development: Pro bono will be explored as a pillar of an Environmental, Social, and Governance strategy, including how lawyers can help tackle the climate crisis, and how the Sustainable Development Goals can be championed.

Ideas and resources

Please visit our resources page for ideas for events, and resources including logos, templates for social media and comms toolkit.

How to get involved

  1. Send in your event plans, even if they are at an early stage, either by emailing or via our online form below.
  2. Once you’ve sent in your event details, the Pro Bono Week organisers will be in touch to ask how we can support your event, for example if you would like partner suggestions, speaker ideas and venue suggestions, or to know if similar events might be planned for the same day or time.
  3. As soon as you like, we can add your event to our online calendar so that everyone can see what you’re planning, and can register to attend (if it’s an open event).
  4. We will help you promote your event to a broad audience via the official Pro Bono Week social media accounts.
  5. We will add your event to our official events list which is shared widely as a pdf in the run up to the week.

If you have any questions please email  

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