Case study: law schools making a difference

When Simon and Rachel received an unfavourable decision from their local authority regarding suitable school provision for their disabled child, they knew they needed help.

This became the first Special Educational Needs Appeal undertaken by Nottingham Law School Legal Advice Centre, who had become aware of a gap in provision of legal services for families who had education law issues, particularly concerning special educational needs and disability discrimination.

The Centre helped throughout the case, including providing advice and assistance on filing a Notice of Appeal, evidence-gathering, liaising with potential witnesses, and negotiating with the local authority. 

Happily, their hard work paid off, as the child was placed in a school which met her complex needs. The Centre also assisted her parents in securing specialist transport to take her to school.

We couldn’t have done it without their help,” Simon and Rachel said. “When we met with the team, we felt that they were completely on our side and that we could absolutely rely on them to do their utmost to help us. When you’re up against such big odds it makes all the difference knowing you’ve got someone like that supporting you.”

You can read more about the case here.