A Celebration of International Pro Bono – A4ID

As part of Pro Bono Week, A4ID’s virtual event ‘A Celebration of International Pro Bono’ will showcase the ways in which pro bono can strengthen the rule of law around the world.  

Join our speakers as they deliver a fast-paced and visual PechaKucha© -style presentation about the successes and lessons learned from partnerships between pro bono legal and judicial experts and their counterparts in developing countries. This dynamic evening will also include breakout events and networking to allow participants to connect and share their own knowledge on best practices for delivering effective international pro bono assistance, as well as opportunities to ask the speakers any questions.  

More details about the event speakers and programme will be announced soon. 

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Pro Bono and Environmental Justice – LawWorks, A4ID and Environmental Law Foundation

The right of citizens to challenge environmental decisions through legal redress routes, and being able to access appropriate legal information, support and services on environmental law issues is fundamental to achieving any notion of environmental justice.

Evidence of the disproportionate impact of environmental degradation and climate change on vulnerable and disadvantaged groups, including those living in poverty, highlights the link with social justice; the law, domestically and globally. The law can be a tool to effect and inform solutions but is rendered useless without effective access to environmental justice. This principle is enshrined in international obligations such as Aarhus Convention which applies to the UK, although there is no significant enforcement mechanism.

Coinciding with UN Climate Change Conference (CoP 26th, Glasgow) the 20th year of pro bono week is looking at the ‘big picture’ on the past and future challenges for pro bono. This session hosted by LawWorks, the Environmental Law Foundation and A4ID will discuss the contribution that pro bono can make, and its limitations, at community level to environmental justice, (e.g., flooding, planning, nuisance issues, environmental hazards) but within a global context that understands environmental law as deeply connected with development, human and social issues. 

Panel includes:

  • Wessen Jazrawi, Hausfeld
  • Emma Montlake, Environmental Law Foundation
  • Matt Hunt, PGMBM
  • Richard Owen, Hilary Rodham Clinton School of Law, Swansea

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Tech and Pro bono: Domestic and Global perspectives – LawWorks & A4ID

Technology plays an increasingly important role in pro bono work, and Covid-19 has been a catalyst as more services have pivoted to remote delivery. This session, hosted by LawWorks and A4ID, looks at how technology has progressed pro bono, and the role it is likely to play in the future, including how technology can address organisational issues of pro bono work.

This discussion spans both domestic and global pro bono. Globally there is a huge interest in how technology (lawtech) can facilitate access to legal advice and empower communities to use the law. There are equally concerns that lawtech could deepen the ‘digital divide’ and leave vulnerable groups further excluded from good legal advice or from the courts.

Our panel of experts will discuss the opportunities and challenges associated with technology for lawyers contributing with their time pro bono to ensure equal access to justice for all, in the UK and abroad.

Panel includes:

  • I. Stephanie Boyce, President of the Law Society
  • Claire McGourlay, University of Manchester
  • Jennifer Cheshire, LawWorks
  • Roger Smith, Consultant
  • Ele Enenche, High Court of Nigeria
  • Adam Wyner, University of Swansea
  • Margaret Hagan, Standford Law School

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Lunch and Learn: How can pro bono legal assistance promote climate and environmental justice? – TrustLaw

Hosted by Trustlaw, this panel event will spotlight non-profit organisations that are responding to environmental concerns in the UK and across the world, and how pro bono legal assistance has played a critical role in their efforts. Our intention is for this to serve as inspiration both to lawyers who want to dedicate their expertise, experience, and resources to tackle the climate crisis, but aren’t sure where to start, as well as to NGOs working on climate change to get ideas on how lawyers can help.

Our panelists will be from ClientEarth, Climate Edge and Environmental Justice Foundation. Please register online here.